Celeste Zeng 1

Celeste Zeng

Mainland China

Hong Kong Baptist University

Bachelor of Business Administration

Class of  2013


Appreciate the beauty of life

Recalling the time when I was a fresh graduate from senior high school, I had high expectations about how University life would be. Now, standing at such a point when the finish line of the University race is within reach, I would proudly declare that my 4 years at university exceed expectations. It’s a golden chapter in my life, with a remarkable book mark – Hinrich Foundation.

Many scholars talked about how ecstatic they were when they received the full-scholarship to HKBU from Hinrich Foundation. But to be frank, besides excitement, I felt anxiety and uncertainty as well. As one of the top students in my original University, I was afraid of losing my elaborate establishments and scared of starting all over again. But when I began the fresh life in HKBU with a trembling heart, members and friends in Hirinch foundation gave me home, embraced me with warm regards and gave me friendship.

“There are many things in life that will catch your eye. But only a few will catch your heart”

Sincerely, I am so honored to be a member of Hinrich foundation, the experience completed my university life. Many first-times of my life happened because of HF. First time to be a trade show exhibitor, attend cocktail parties and talk to admirable business elites, study in HK, have an internship in Global Sources, lead the team to prepare for a bazaar, get experience in sales& marketing, embrace an international context and develop global mindset, so on and so forth.

Through this program, scholars are able to learn so much through volunteer work and real world business experience. With more engagements with the charity work, we now have empathy towards the disadvantaged people in Cambodia, and more understanding of humanity’s common value about what the world should be like. As for business experience, the trade shows not only show us many facets of business, but triggers our thirst for more intensive learning. We are not just developing personal skills but also developing more as well-rounded people.

With the approach of graduation, I am aware that my golden years at university will come to an end. However, my engagement with Hinrich Foundation will never stop. I am going to continue my career with gratitude and appreciate the beauty of life.