Shan Qianjun (Chandler)

Shan Qianjun(Chandler)

Mainland China

Hong Kong Baptist University

Bachelor of Business Administration

Class of 2014


It’s not my first time to visit Hong Kong, or even Hong Kong Baptist University. Nevertheless, when I stepped into the student residence hall, there was still a rush of excitement and anxiety. I knew that I would go through a big change as soon as the elevators, enthusiastic helpers, and dormitory came into my view. I’ve striven for all these opportunities last semester, and it was so thrilling when I finally received the announcement of the scholarship after several-month anxious waiting.

Hinrich Foundation’s Global Trade Scholarship exposes me to a bright new world, totally different from what I’ve been used to. Change is usually not easy but tempting for youngsters. In this sense, I am really grateful for Hinrich Foundation, for what I am given.

Life as a Freshman again

In my perspective, being a freshman is more like a blessing. Isn’t it super that you will be saturated with new things to learn and have the bravery to make mistakes? I was becoming unsatisfied with my status in my previous university because I found when I became a Year 3 student and already a leader in the school society, people would treated me as an experienced consultant rather than someone to bring new ideas to. In Hong Kong last year, all the bazaar, lectures, high table dinners and other experiences were novel, every second when I chatted with people I was learning something new.

Concentration offers direction

Back to my previous university, I was fully occupied everyday. Being a vice chief editor of a school magazine and a dual-degree student at the same time truly exhausted me. Too much hurry made me feel lost in what I really wanted to achieve. However, HKBU’s program offers me a chance to take a breath, 6 courses a semester is such a relief and I gain back the time to meditate after reading a book or watching a movie. In this way, I can better reflect on what I’ve learned. In this fast world, information can be overload, and what I really need is to concentrate.

The more I engage in Hinrich Foundation’s activities, the more I feel what I’m doing is meaningful. For example, the record-break sale in Conrad Bazaar makes me proud of the contribution I’ve made to those disable workers in south-east Asia as a team member of Hinrich Foundation. In the near future, I will continue to equip myself and give my hand to others.