Shwe Gaung (Juliet)

Shwe Gaung (Juliet)


Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in International Journalism

Class of 2013


I have been in love with Journalism for the past four years while working as a journalist in my country, Myanmar. However, without the detailed knowledge on how to tell a story and the opportunity to cultivate my skills, I never realized what qualified journalism was like and how I could effectively improve my talent. Fortunately, the Hinrich Foundation offered me a scholarship to pursue M.A International Journalism Studies in Hong Kong Baptist University, a well known university for Journalism studies in Asia. The scholarship helped enhance my knowledge on journalism and paved a way for me to better serve my country.

Being a Masters student after spending over four years working in journalism is a wonderful experience and break from my profession. The feeling of being in campus, dealing with friends from different culture, adapting a new environment would not have been possible without the financial and personal support of the Hinrich Foundation.

Apart from my studies, I managed to participate in a study tour to Prague organized by the school where I attended a foreign correspondent training course. I met foreign correspondents who achieved their goals and shared their experiences during the one week course. Meeting professional foreign correspondents, a female war reporter and Pulitzer Prize Winners gave me inspiration to become a foreign correspondent.

I plan to put all my effort to serve my country as I finish my studies in HKBU through continuing my profession as a journalist as well as cooperating with Hinrich foundation. I am fully committed to use my knowledge that I have pursued at HKBU to positively change my environment.