Sokunthy Heng

Sokunthy Heng


Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in International Journalism

Class of 2009


Work & Internships

Employer:Hinrich Foundation Ltd.

Position:Program manager,Export Trade Assistance Cambodia Program

Work Duration:June 2009 to May 2011

Sokunthy is the 2008 graduate in all of Cambodia to be granted a Hinrich Foundation Global rade Scholarship and pursue her one-year Master’s Degree in Journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University. Upon her graduation, she was selected to work as an export consultant for the Hinrich Foundation’s Developing Country Export Assistant Program. Here she screens for quality suppliers and conducts in-depth interviews to produce the Developing Countries Sourcing Reports. She also trained 21 small-scale suppliers on how to use the online sales platform offered by Global Sources, a B2B media company.

Later, in January of 2010 she started the Export Service Centre (ESC) back in Cambodia, a signature social enterprise which supports small and medium sized cambodian producers. Before stepping in the position, Sokunthy underwent a comprehensive 6-week comprehensive training where she learned every aspect of the operation. “She was diligent and fast to grab things in such intensive period. I am confident to let her go on her own,” said Eugene Verspoor, General Manager of the ESC in Indonesia.

“Looking back, I never thought that I would end in this senior level. Though I have no business background, with the great support from the team, I am more confident in this role. I have grasped a great deal of both professional and personal experiences from my team,” said Sokunthy.

Born in a Cambodian-Chinese family, Sokunthy said: “Now, I am getting more interested in the social enterprise movement and the fact it directly helps the livelihood of the people. I am ready to give what I have to help people in my country. This makes my life more meaning