Sophorn Huy

Sophorn Huy


De La Salle University

Master of Business Administration

Class of 2014


Work & Internships

Employer:Hinrich Foundation Ltd.

Position:Finance & Admin officer

Work duration: September 2014 to present

How amazing it was to come back school after 12 years working! The first day I received the scholarship announcement from the Hinrich Foundation, I did not hesitate to talk to my husband that I would take this opportunity to fulfill my dream of studying abroad. I told him that it was the right time and a golden opportunity for me to break from my work and learn to skills.

A day before the interview time; I anxiously asked myself: “do they provide scholarship to a married woman in her thirties?” I felt a little bit stressed and nervous at the same time, but I was very excited looking forward to the interview. My feeling was completely changed when I met Alexander Boome, Program director of the Hinrich Foundation. He made me feel confident and warm while I was talking with him during the interview. After I finished the interview, I told myself that I could become a new person in the future with professional skill and career. I was so excited; and I still remember the day I received an email from Alex that I was accepted for the scholarship, I jumped up from the floor and shouted: “finally, made it, I made it.” At that time, my colleagues looked with me with their curious eyes, and my face turned red.

The Hinrich Foundation made my dream of studying abroad come true – where I could get a higher education and build up my future career. Without financial support from the Hinrich Foundation, I wouldn’t be a first year master’s student of Business Administration at De La Salle University in Manila as I am now. Although I face challenges in living, language, environment and studying here, I can cope with them. All of these make me more confident and independent to live by myself in Manila.

What’s also great about being a global trade scholar is after I finish my studies at De La Salle University, I will work in a trade related field for at least two years. I hope that by working with the Hinrich Foundation after graduation, I will improve my knowledge in trade and I wish to find more markets for small and medium enterprises in Cambodia.

Honestly, the Hinrich Foundation is a place to build capacity, knowledge, share experiences, provide job opportunities and make dreams comes true.