Thein Win Nyo

Thein Win Nyo


Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in International Journalism

Class of 2009


I had a dream of studying abroad since I was 14. However, the chance had not favored me until I applied for Hinrich Global Trade Scholarship to attend the Masters of Arts in International Journalism Studies at the Hong Kong Baptist University. At that time, I was a reporter with the Myanmar Times, the only private media which runs in both English and Myanmar.

When I applied for the scholarship program, it was the first time the Hinrich Foundation offered the opportunity to Myanmar students. Being selected as one of the first students to attend the program, I was really excited.

The MA program was truly a challenge for me as I had a chance to learn theoretical aspects of journalism when I only knew about journalism through working experience. However, my working experience helped me with my studies.

During my studies, I also had a chance to learn many things from my classmates. We came from different backgrounds, different cultures and different age groups. However, we all had one single goal for the program which created a close friendship among us. We learned from each other while sharing our knowledge and experience among us.

Upon my graduation, I was fortunate to join the Hinrich Foundation in Manila. Before joining Hinrich Foundation in Manila, I went to Shenzhen for training with my friend and Hinrich Global Trade scholar Kunthy, who later became my colleague at Hinrich Foundation, to learn more about the Hinrich Foundation’s promoting sustainable trade program. I found this trip very interesting and learned many things.

During my service with the Hinrich Foundation, I learned about how the Developing Country Export Assistance Program works, which includes preparing for the Developing Country Sourcing Reports, online account creation for Global Sources Online websites for the companies participating in the assistance program, and tracking the sale of the sourcing reports.

Later, the Hong Kong Baptist University Department of Journalism offered me to work for them as a research assistance that I decided to go back to Hong Kong. Living in Hong Kong was another exciting moment for me. Working on the journalism research project gave me more in-depth knowledge about foreign correspondents who were based in Hong Kong. They had covered many regional news from WWII to today. While I was working at Baptist University, I had a chance to help Hinrich Foundation liaise with the scholarship students and maintain the scholar network of Hinrich Foundation.

After I came back to my country, I started working as an aid worker, specializing in communication. Whenever facing new challenges in my current career, I use the combined knowledge from my previous working experiences with different organizations and from my studies. My working experience with Hinrich Foundation has helped me a lot, especially for documentation, web knowledge and writing press releases.

I have faced ups and downs. But in general, I have progress in my life which cold not have happened without the Hinrich Global Trade Scholarship program. Without Hinrich Foundation’s help, I might have to take longer to materialize my dream of studying abroad. Thus, I really want to say “Thank you Hinrich Foundation!” for all of its help given to me.