Tina Chau Le

Tina Chau Le


Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in International Journalism

Class of 2013


My name is Tina Chau Le, and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Business and minor in Communication Art from Linfield College.

I have had the opportunity to have many journeys around the world. Getting my bachelor degree in Oregon, USA where it rains 360 days in a year, my hobby was sitting in a coffee shop and observing people walking hurriedly in the rain. I love people watching and taking pictures. Lifestyles in Portland, Oregon, the weirdest state in America, are different than in Hanoi, where I am from. I was born as the only child in the family in the capital of Vietnam, a crowded and bustling city with more than 6.7 million people.

After graduation, I started a job in the finance department of an international airline corporation in America which I eventually left to move back to Asia. I went back to Hong Kong, where I had previously studied on an exchange program, for a postgraduate degree in International Journalism with a sponsorship from Hinrich Foundation. The day I arrived the Hong Kong international airport, my heart was singing and I burst into tears of joy.

Starting off with one-year academic background from Foreign Trade University in my homeland helped me understand the education system of a communism country; 4 years living and studying in America brought me a new sense of western cultures, values and a great passion on sustainable trade; 5 years of leading a volunteer group and working part-time for NGO taught me about social responsibility and culture of giving back; 2 years studying in Hong Kong and travelling to Europe opened up a new world for me and expand upon my creativity.

I am always confused about my self-identity because I have been lived many places while growing up. However, people told me that it is actually not bad because I can be objective when I see and write about things around me.

My dream career is to be a successful businesswoman in the high-end fashion industry. I love fashion because it is a statement one can make without saying any words.

Being 22 year old girl with a master’s degree on hand, I am ready to brave the world.