Tong Hui (Anna)

Tong Hui


Hong Kong Baptist University

Bachelor of Business Administration

Class of 2014


A brand-new start in life

After two years study in Guang Dong University of Foreign Studies (my original university), I felt quite used to a typical university life: sleep late, get up late, attend classes, have lunch with classmates, hang out with friends during weekends, study hard before the final exams. Life is neither good or bad, it’s kind of routine. At the end of year two, I was standing at a point to make a decision for my future life–whether to work after graduation or attend graduate school.

Then I heard about Hinrich Foundation. It ignited passion in me–an opportunity to study in Hong Kong! In my interview, I met Alexander Boome, the program director. His description of Hinrich Foundation impressed me very much and let me make my decision to join the scholar program. Going through a fierce competition I finally got the chance to study at Hong Kong Baptist University(HKBU).

Life in HK is very different my original university. In Guang Dong University of Foreign Studies, I was very familiar with classmates and professors, people around me knew I was a good student. However, in Hong Kong, I had to start from zero, and because of the different education system, it took me more effort to be a good student. Fortunately, I had confidence in my myself and with good support group of other talented Hinrich Foundation Scholars, I started life quite smoothly.

New experiences

There’s an old saying in China,”You can learn more by traveling a thousand miles than by reading a thousand books”, which emphasizes the importance of practice. During the first term at HKBU, I have gained many new experiences. I attended my first bazaar- Hong Kong Parkview Bazaar as a saleswoman for the very first time in my life. I learned a lot from the other team members and such experience was good to my future career. After that, I also attended China sourcing fair with Khiem, Jeremy, Steffi and Tristan, a scholar from Vietnam. Only by working with people from other countries can one truly understand multi-cultural cooperation. Then there came Asia Society Gala Dinner, in which I met many successful businessmen and students from other universities. There were also several other bazaars which hone my sales skills.

Life in HK has been very rich, I have learned a lot studying, am enjoying the beauty of the city, communicating with local people, making new friends, attending bazaars and other amazing adventures. I’m really grateful for the Hinrich Foundation to give me such a chance and I’m looking forward to the internship in Global Sources during the summer of 2013. Life is always better if we live every day meaningfully.