Tristan Truong

Tristan Truong


Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in International Journalism

Class of 2013


For a 28-year-old Vietnamese man, who had lived in Europe for 3 years and had 5 years of business experience around Southeast Asia, the scholarship that Tuan Anh Truong got from Hinrich Foundation to study his M.A. in International Journalism in Hong Kong was an oppotunity that he could never miss. The so-called “Manhattan of Asia” city was a place where he could absorb a mixture of eastern and western culture as well as powerfully communicate through journalism.

Living in Amsterdam, Holland, with his family when he was 13 brought Tuan Anh an opportunity to absorb western culture and lifestyle. He then built his academic background back in Vietnam at University of Polytechnic which helped him understand the strengths and weaknesses of an eastern country deeply imbued with its national identity. His work experience before the Hinrich Foundation scholarship include 3 years at an N.G.O. in Road Safety and 2 years working for an advertising agency which opened a world of creativity and possibility.

Tuan Anh’s life is full of wonderful experiences and at each place he went to, he always tried to leave his hallmark. He has left his mpact in many different countries around the world like America, Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong. Now it is the time for him to return to Vietnam to contribute to the trading development of his homeland through the programs of Hinrich Foundation. A new journey has just begun.