wang Yeqing

Wang Yeqing (Ching)

Mainland China

Hong Kong Baptist University

Bachelor of Business Administration

Class of 2012


Ching (Back row, 1st from left) with friends in a hiking activity organized by Hong Kong Baptist University S.U. Mountaineering Association

When I was a child, I had a dream of “Read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles”, which in Chinese means to explore the world and broad your view as much as possible.

I still remember the moment when the Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarships came to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to recruit qualified candidates for Hong Kong Baptist University BA scholarship. Like many sophomores, at the moment I was more confused than curious about the future, it seemed I need some motivations to refresh myself and cultivate the potential. The announcement of the program awakened me to a turning point – That’s it! I made a decision immediately and send my CV for application.

Three months later, I arrived in Hong Kong to begin a brand new life and to study. As I was an undergraduate at GDUFS majoring in Advertising, I chose Marketing as my concentration at HKBU. This fits the program goals as well as meets a personal interest – to master comprehensive business knowledge and develop business operation skills.

Study at Hong Kong Baptist University

The study at HKBU has improved my way of learning and practicing a lot to an international level. The professors encourage group work that involves minds of diversified backgrounds in order to strengthen student’s competitiveness in a global market.

Our classmates are from Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas countries including the US, France and Switzerland. It’s really challenging for me to overcome language barriers and teamwork with friends from all over the world. Moreover, people come along with different ways of thinking and getting things done. For instance, when we start a group assignment, the first concern always comes to coordinate the schedule and members’ preference of taking actions. Everyone can express his/her idea upon the project freely, and to make it clear, we’ll follow a series of professional steps including brainstorm, flexible plans, etc. All the experience has helped me learn to listen for opinions and recognize other’s merits, in the meantime, I became better in expressing and reflecting myself.

Compared with that in mainland China, study at Hong Kong is fast-paced and carries more pressure. Each course has a string of strict requirements, apart from attending classes and exams on time, students are often busy with one deadline after another, say individual assignment, group project, quiz, etc. After one year practice, I’ve become more skilled in handling this ‘Hong Kong’ style and more confident to cope with challenges ahead.

Summer Internship with Global Sources

During the summer internship with Global Sources, I was based in Hong Kong, working with the global sales team based in Manila to do new supplier market research for China Sourcing Fair (CSF) sales. The project covers Turkey, Eastern European countries, Thailand and Indonesia. We’d like to know the potential, the situation of competition as well as relevant contacts in each country.

My responsibilities are first to browse tradeshow portals to get target countries’ participation, along with the analysis of the fair region, active exhibitors, and the involvement of public sectors according to the product categories. In addition, I paid attention to the background information, the development of consumer goods production and exports in each country, whether there’s a sizable number of SMEs in the industry, if the government has implemented any incentive policies to promote SMEs’ export and to encourage their participation in foreign fairs. At last, I prepared research reports and developed the summaries to make management decisions.

I knew nothing about those markets at the very beginning and the research was mainly conducted through the Internet. It’s interesting but not easy to make acquaintance with a totally new market, to search out the key sales information and identify the effective approaches. Often, I had to deal with the unfamiliar languages, to transfer between country channels and to face with insufficient or overloaded information since countries vary in the level of openness, development of E-commerce and consumer goods industry.

The internship was quite helpful and benefited me – It has not only enriched my knowledge on some new countries and markets which I had interests before but never given a chance to know, but also built a gateway for the career started with Global Sources next year upon my graduation.

I’ve learnt the professional and practical ways of business thinking, doing and improving from my fellows and the manager; it’s totally different from the academic education at school and definitely another great source for development. Moreover, my fellow team members were very friendly, my work was granted with the initiative and the efforts were always treated with respect, which made me look forward to the job next year.

Editor’s note: Here is a comment from her supervisor, General manager Armando Mojica: “Yeqing Wang is a very diligent worker. She has her own initiative and is very proactive. She has keen attention to detail and delivers very comprehensive results. Also, she is very professional, has a good work attitude and showed excellent skills at market research.”

Sometimes I couldn’t believe the moment I’m getting closer and closer to my core dream – from the mainland to Hong Kong, to communicate between cultures and widen my horizons.

I really appreciate the wonderful opportunity that the Hinrich Scholarships brought to me and I am willing to share every moment of my growth with all who are interested.