Zheng Jialing (Jenny) 1

Zheng Jialing (Jenny)

Mainland China

Hong Kong Baptist University

BA in International Journalism

Class of 2008


Jenny Zhang is a Market analyst with Global Sources China Bureau in Guangzhou.

When I learned that Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarship offer a chance of studying business writing in Hong Kong Baptist University, I applied at once without any hesitation. I still remembered how surprised the professor who collected my application looked. I was the first one to apply for this program and she had only released the announcement for the Scholarship the day before.

Actually, I had done a lot of preparation before I sent out my application, including taking some business courses in my home university Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, reading books about marketing, economy and so on. Being a Hinrich Foundation scholar was the first step for me to get close to my dream of being a business journalist or analyst.

After Hong Kong

When I graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, I was offered the opportunity to join Global Sources. I chose to work in one of the editorial departments in Global Sources, which is called China Bureau.

Following the company main principle of connecting Greater China to the world, my department’s aim was to provide relevant supplier information to worldwide buyers. At first, I was not good at writing this communicating with clients who are manufacturers or suppliers, is very complex. These manufacturers and suppliers do not like to talk to anyone who knows nothing about export, their industry and their products. Nevertheless, I eventually learned how to interview and communicate with interviewees better.

Getting close to the customer

During the past two years, I haved interviewed and visited hundreds of Chinese exporters. From those interviews, I met various managers and recognized their operation strategies or principles. Actually, I came across an item called “Confucian Entrepreneur”.

Confucian Entrepreneurs are those business operators, who run their companies according to five Confucian basic principles. The five Confucian basic principles in Chinese are Ren, Yi, Li, Zhi, and Xin. In English, they are humanity, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and honesty.

In my opinion, modern entrepreneurs should emphasize their companies’ long-term development instead of short-term profit. Overall, I would like to keep trying and work to my best.