Trade-focused Courses for SMEs

Many small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) see exports as a way to grow their business, but still need the expertise to participate in the global economy. Our short courses build the capacity of export-oriented SMEs to capitalize on trade opportunities to that grow their businesses.

In 2018, we decided to refocus our attention on providing specialized training to help SMEs develop successful go-to-market strategies. We provide two types of short courses that help SMEs maximize the benefits of global trade and develop a sustainable trading practice: the Export Manager Advanced Training program and International Trade Centre SME Trade Academy.

To date, our teams in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia have helped more than 3,000 SMEs gain trade access to small enterprises in Asia.

Export Manager Advanced Training program

This very practical, intensive, and certifying short-course was developed in partnership with the Small Enterprise Promotion & Training unit of the University of Leipzig. We offer this course in Vietnam and the Philippines for export-experienced SME business owners and senior managers. Throughout this 6- day training, they will develop a market entry strategy and ‘pitch’ it to the class. The course culminates with a one-on-one coaching with the professors. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate of completion from Leipzig University. Read about the experience here.

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International Trade Centre online courses

Our free SME Trade Academy online courses developed by the International Trade Centre, a WTO agency, aim to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs in developing countries. Available courses cover:

  • Export sales and negotiations
    The course introduces participants to a number of sales and negotiating tactics, with a focus on preparing them to attend sales meetings with potential international clients.
  • Introduction to cross-border contracts
    The module introduces useful resources for SMEs to use in their work with cross-border contracts and highlights key legal concepts.
  • Introduction to supply chain management
    This course introduces the participants to supply chain management and its importance in business for managing supply chain key competencies and trade-offs.

To learn more, visit the International Trade Centre’s website.


  • Trade-focused Courses for SMEs 1

    Clarke Nebrao, Owner, TerraVida Natural Ventures Chairman, Assn. of Laguna Food

    "This program enhanced my knowledge of export management and encouraged me to dream bigger and start exporting my products."

  • Trade-focused Courses for SMEs 2

    Roselle Florendo, General Manager Madrak Global

    "This course is our stepping stone to a better export business."

  • Trade-focused Courses for SMEs 3

    Dam Quang Thang, Founder & CEO, Agricare Vietnam

    "With this course, | looked forward to expanding my network and learning about new management methods. Thecourse exceeded my expectations."

  • Trade-focused Courses for SMEs 4

    Nguyen Thanh Thrung, Senior International Sales Supervisor, TEKCOM, Vietnam

    "The knowledge gained from this course is totally applicable and practical. I did not expect that it would benefit me this."

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