Trade Short Courses

We offer several short courses to help professionals maximize the benefits of global trade and develop sustainable trading practices. Course participants come from a wide range of industries, including the private sector, government, media, industry associations, multilateral institutions, and more. 

Our courses include:

  • NUS Cross-Border Trade workshop
  • International Trade Training for Journalists in Asia

NUS Cross-Border Trade workshop 

Global value chains are undergoing profound changes in today’s business landscape. We partnered with the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School’s Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations (CGIO) to create a workshop that helps decision-makers involved in cross-border trade.

Participants will acquire a broad understanding of the geopolitical, economic and other transformative forces shaping business ecosystems throughout Asia and beyond. Learn about the last course. 

International Trade Training for Journalists in Asia 

Media plays a critical role in providing deeper perspectives on trade issues, but traditional journalism training programs seldom focus on trade, under-equipping journalists in covering today’s issues. To bridge that gap, we partnered with the National Press Foundation (NPF) to create a four-day workshop for Asia-based journalist fellows.

Participants learn about all aspects of sustainable global trade, spanning from emerging economies to multilateral trade agreements. Read about the course, which took place in June, 2019.