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As an organization that promotes Nepal handmade products, the Bhaktapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry or BCCI endorses Nepal Sourcing Report: Fashion Accessories.

Global buyers have benefited a great deal by sourcing from Nepal because of the availability of a wide range of products, large pool of skilled workers, rich cultural history and excellent craftsmanship at competitive prices.

Our members are export-oriented manufacturers of various products, including jewelry, ceramicware, garments, and wooden and metal ornaments. BCCI strengthens members’ competitiveness by connecting them to international clients and encouraging them to create high-quality products.

BCCI highly values its collaboration with the Hinrich Foundation and Global Sources in helping Nepal suppliers boost their export skills in an effort to fulfill the vision of promoting sustainable global trade.

We hope that this sourcing report and the Global Sources online platform will enrich your knowledge about the product diversity and quality craftsmanship of our artisans. May this program foster a strong and beneficial relationship between local enterprises and worldwide buyers.

Best regards,

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Raju Man Bajracharya

Bhaktapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)


Bagmati, Nepal

Industry Supported

  • Handmade products and fashion accessories
  • Target industries: Handicrafts, tourism and agriculture
  • Main product: Jewelry, garments, ceramicware, wooden and metal crafts

Reported endorsed

Fashion accessories

Member services

  • Business consultancy, including lobbying and advocacy on behalf of entrepreneurs, and providing advice on industry upgrades, design trends and QC
  • Business forums that allow local exporters to meet foreign buyers and receive feedback about their products
  • Bridging the industry’s export community and the government at central and provincial levels

Affiliations and Endorsements

Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry