Logo - Christmas Decor Association of the Philippines (CDPEAP)Dear Buyers,

Warmest greetings from the members of the Christmas Decor Producers and Exporters Association of the Philippines (CDPEAP). I would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your interest in sourcing holiday and Christmas decor from the Philippines.

Romeo Balderrama The global market has seen the importance of conducting business with holiday decor suppliers from the Philippines. The country is known in the international design world as the “Milan of Asia” for producing good designs and high-quality products coupled with competitive pricing. It has created its own niche in the midrange and high-end markets.

CDPEAP’s mission to affirm, enhance and sustain the creative excellence, global prominence and competitiveness of the Philippine producers of holiday and Christmas decor serves as a guide to all members in their transactions with buyers.

We give our clients professional services in all aspects of business. We are committed in meeting the needs of international companies through competitive pricing, excellent designs, high standard quality and reliable on-time delivery.

CDPEAP would like to acknowledge the Hinrich Foundation for helping advance our suppliers’ skills and knowledge in export services, and in its efforts to foster the vision of “Aid through Trade” and sustainable development for emerging markets.

Finally, we also would like to thank Global Sources for offering their online services through which our members can access quality buyers worldwide.

With warmest regards,

Romeo P. Balderrama, Jr.

CDPEAP President

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