Logo - Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small IndustriesDear Buyers,

Greetings from Nepal!

On behalf of the Federation of Nepal Cottage & Small Industries (FNCSI) and our members, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for considering Nepali suppliers for your sourcing needs.

Federation of Nepal Cottage & Small Industries (FNCSI) is an Umbrella Organization of Micro, Cottage and Small entrepreneurs of Nepal. It has a network of 74 district chapters out of the 75 districts in Nepal. Since its inception, FCSI has been working for the promotion of Micro, Cottage and Small Industries (MCSIs) entrepreneurs, FNCSI has been organizing various promotional activities such as, seminar, workshops, trainings, interaction, conferences etc. and, district, regional and national level exhibitions on one hand and nominating MCSI entrepreneurs for International Trade Fairs on the other.

FNCSI tries to strengthen members’ competitiveness by creating conductive environment for quality product development as per demand of the market by offering services that contribute to bottom-line success and instensify networking with other related associations. Our members are manufacturers and exporters of various products, including garments, metal, knitwear, felt, ceramics, wooden, jewelry, paper, natural fiber, textiles & more.

FNCSI would like to thank the Hinrich Foundation and Global Sources for assisting qualified suppliers to reach buyers worldwide, and for their promotion of sustainable development in emerging markets.

Best regards,

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Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small Industries




  • Employees: 12 peoples are working in central level
  • General members: 35,000 including 10,000 women entrepreneurs


  • Training on various enterprise development e.g. Production Management, Marketing Management, Book Keeping, Quality Management, Productivity Development, Effective Management, Cleaner Production, Occupational Health and Safety etc.
  • Skill Development Trainings on Product development and Diversification of Dhaka fabrics, Training on advance dress designing, Training on Stone Craft, Training on production of various food items.
  • Workshop and seminars on various burning issues e.g. Opportunity and Threats of WTO Accession, Intellectual Property Right.
  • Market promotion, exhibitions and trade fair: Organize Regional, District and Central level Exhibitions, Facilitate FNCSI members to participate in International Trade Fairs .
  • Lobbying and advocacy to the government on behalf of MCSI
  • Institutional Strengthening: Capacity building of district associations providing Association Management Trainings, Training on Project Proposal and Report Writing, Training on Office Management . Nominate central secretariat staff to participate in various capacity building trainings


District Administrative office, Kathmandu