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Better outcomes from work-integrated learning

One of the toughest challenges new graduates face is landing their first job. Having a six to 12 month work experience in between study periods will better prepare scholars to quickly contribute to their future employer’s business.

Besides providing quality academic studies, the Hinrich Foundation offers our Scholars extended internships and careers directly related to their coursework in support of promoting sustainable global trade.

We also provide internships to select non-scholar students interested in international trade.

For details about what our Scholars do during their extended internships and careers, and about their personal and professional development, visit Meet our scholars. 

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Career development

Research conducted by the Hinrich Foundation shows that, work integrated learning is an effective method for producing more work-ready graduates and narrowing the skills gap between graduation and career. In particular, there is a substantial and growing body of research that examines this approach in terms of graduate employability and learning outcome; most studies note measurable benefits.

Employers also, acknowledge the value of this approach. Several of adidas’ supplier manufacturers are partner in the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Development Program. adidas’ Van Nguyen, Director, LO Strategy, Operations in Vietnam, said that during extended internship between studies:

Students will have chance to experience the real working environment in our suppliers’ production facilities, implement what they have learnt and come to appreciate many other aspects in real working conditions to ensure knowledge and skills are linked.

This is also a special way to motivate scholars as they have a sense of achievement by learning and practicing what they have learned in a real work environment. Similarly, this provides a great chance for scholars to grow closer to their sponsoring companies, building strong relationships at an early stage.

Work-integrated learning approach

Work-integrated learning approach

One key benefit Hinrich Foundation scholars enjoy is that in addition to an academic degree, they also receive skills training during their studies and a trade-related job when they graduate!

The professional work experiences for six or 12 months between study periods will:

  • Give scholars more exposure & better understanding on career interest, career path
  • Help equip scholars with a career-oriented study to fit the needs of their future job
  • Provide scholars with practical skills for the international trade industry
  • Best prepare scholars to add value to their employer right when they start work; enabling a great career start and career advancement.

What our scholars/alumni say:

“The program offers a scholarship and has an opportunity for an internship where you can apply the knowledge into practice. An internship for half a year is a time you need to learn more about the company and really find a position and what you really like,” Luo Shimming, 2015 scholar at Hong Kong Baptist University.

“I know this scholarship will not only focus on my academic performance, but will also allow me to see the whole picture of development in different areas. This (internship) program helped us understand our strengths and weaknesses. When I went back to school, I knew I needed to develop my strengths and correct my weakness,” Zhou Aining, 2014 scholar at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Hinrich Foundation partners in talent development for the trade sector include:


VF Corp – ( VF Corporation is a Fortune 250 company and industry leader in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of branded lifestyle apparel, footwear and accessories. The company’s diversified portfolio of 30+ iconic brands include The North Face®, Vans®, Timberland®, Wrangler®, Lee® & Nautica®, which were critical in helping the company bring in over $12 billion USD in revenue in 2015.

VF Corporation has partnered with Hinrich Foundation since 2015 to support six Bangladeshi scholars and one Indian scholar at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Each scholar earned a Master of Science degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering Management, and are currently improving operations at VF factories in Bangladesh and Cambodia.


Global Sources – ( Global Sources is a leading business-to-business media company and a primary facilitator of trade with Greater China. Engaging over 1 million international buyers, including 95 of the world’s top 100 retailers, Global Sources’ core business facilitates trade between Asia and the world through English-language in online marketplaces, magazines, mobile apps, & trade shows.

Since 2005, Global Sources has supported 46 Hinrich Foundation scholars from five countries by providing meaningful careers in international trade. Global Sources further enhanced the partnership in 2014 when we began to offer full scholarships to Global Sources team members to help with talent and leadership development. Three scholars have taken Master of Science in China Business Studies at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Adidas’ ( supplier companies – Pou Chen Myanmar, Shyang Jhuo Yue, Shyang Hung Cheng, MengDa Footwear Industrial, Can Sports Shoes, Jia Hsin, Sam Ho: Hinrich Foundation works with leading footwear manufacturers producing for the adidas brand in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. These global firms produce from 20,000 to 500,000 shoes monthly for adidas, providing employment for tens of thousands of people.

Working with Hinrich Foundation since 2015, these suppliers have partnered with Hinrich Foundation to sponsor over a dozen scholars in masters-level programs in Vietnam, with plans to increase that number as the demands of the industry rise. This particular program is proving to be an effective channel to develop local talent across Southeast Asia.


Dehres (  Dehres Limited is a family business that has influenced the luxury jewelry industry in Asia for over three generations. With vast expertise in procuring and working with precious gems, it addresses the need for large certified diamonds in the region. It is a leading supplier of fine, exquisite jewelry pieces to the diamond industry.

In order to meet their very specific talent acquisition needs, Dehres partnered with Hinrich Foundation. In 2015, the company sponsored one scholar in a dual degree MBA program at Tel Aviv University and at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

For details, please contact Alex Ward, Program Manager for Education Partnerships, at

olunteering can make a real difference to students ‘s exposure and mindset.

Volunteering can make a real difference to students ‘s exposure and mindset. As for students, we offer them golden opportunities to sharpen their skillsets. As Hinrich Global Trade Leaders Scholars, students can participate in Global Sources’ sourcing fairs, Hong Kong bazaars, Asia Society events, among many more activities.

olunteering can make a real difference to students ‘s exposure and mindset.

In these volunteering events, scholars will be assigned to different roles of working with Hinrich program team members to make sure they gain valuable experience and get a deep insights into different settings, works and environments. Those workplace experiences will also help scholars have a clearer mindset about the requirements of their jobs upon graduation and the expectation from their managers.

Volunteering can also make a real difference to the lives of people Hinrich Foundation supports. Our scholars can give their time to make a meaningful contribution to the society.

Hinrich Foundation is a non-profit organization, so we encourage our scholars to be community-minded. In Hong Kong Parkview bazaars and Conrad charity bazaars, by selling products handmade by disadvantaged workers in Cambodia, scholars are able to give these people the dignity to support themselves and their families.

Last but not least, with all contributions scholars make to our international volunteering activities, they will learn to embrace the Hinrich Foundation’s spirit of promoting sustainable global trade.