Tina Wang (China)

Hong Kong Polytechnic University
MSc in Engineering Business Management ‘20

Tina Wang

This scholarship encourages me to enrich my knowledge, further improve myself and provide a platform for my long-term career development.

I was born in Harbin, China, where I spent a happy childhood and youth. Harbin is a beautiful city, especially in winter, when the whole city becomes a world of ice and snow. When I was ready to go to college, however, I knew I wanted to travel internationally. I left to study in Singapore when I was 17. I was fascinated by Singapore, which is a very clean country where people are very polite and orderly – and lots of tropical plants! Moreover, the experience broadened my international vision and improved my English.

After studying and working in Singapore for nearly 10 years, I have returned to China and intend to contribute to the development of my country. Today, there is great demand for trade talents with international affairs experience. In 2018, I was honored to be selected as the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar by the Hinrich Foundation and Knoll Printing & Packaging. The scholarship allowed me to pursue an MSc in Engineering Business Management at Hong Kong Polytechnic University from 2018 – 2020. The year of study so far at Hong Kong Polytechnic University was full and enjoyable; Hinrich Foundation organized a variety of activities and trainings, including visits to companies, factories and exhibitions.

I now realize the importance of combining study with social practice, which has helped me accumulate knowledge and ability for future development. At the same time, I have learned the importance of unity and cooperation amongst colleagues.

I look forward to the Hinrich Foundation Community broadening the horizon of my future global trade career through contact with more manufacturers, dealers and traders in the global trade field. Ultimately, this will allow me to contribute to the fair development of trade between countries.

Previous university & major
Heriot – Watt University, BSc in Quantity Surveying
Work & internships
Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd