Trade research

We conduct research and analysis and provide commentary on global trade issues to contribute constructively to the public debate. We do this in the hope that it will lead to better and more informed decision-making on the part of government, business and civil society.

Our research activities are presented below:

  • Trade Research 1Global Trade Research

    Get timely analysis and commentary on trade topics, including the WTO and global trade system reform, trade agreements, tariffs and quotas, and Sino-US trade. Read More
  • Trade Research 2Foreign Direct Investment Research

    Read our FDI research to learn about the impact of FDI on economic growth in Asia and policy frameworks that are conductive to better FDI. Read More
  • Trade Research 3Sustainable Trade Index

    Are your operations in Asia conducive to sustainable growth? This index, developed with the Economist Intelligence Unit, highlights the readiness of 20 economies to participate in sustainable trade. Read More
  • Trade Research 4Digital Trade Research

    Open digital trade provides growth opportunities for economies in Asia. Understand the impact of digital trade and how it can better support sustainable growth. Read More
  • Trade Research 5Resource Center

    Gain more insight into the latest trade and investment research. Browse our curated library of 3rd party data and reports from reputable sources. Read More
  • Trade Research 6TradeVistas

    Looking for an introduction to global trade? TradeVistas, our online magazine, gives readers a clear and balanced view on trade. It has become a trusted resource for policymakers in Washington D.C. Read More
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